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Guide to Sell

Queensgate gives its full professional support to all its sellers but it is useful to know what happens and when as you enter into the sales process. Here is our guide to selling:-

Request a valuation

How much your property will sell for can shape your future plans and a valuation from Queensgate is the best place to start. The sale price we suggest is based on local demand, the condition of your property and the area the property is in. A valuation takes about 30 minutes and you don’t have to be present - feel free to leave a set of keys with our team and we’ll conduct a valuation while you are at work.

Instruct an agent

Once you have chosen an estate agent, you will sign a contract and the marketing of your property can start the same day. One of the first steps will be taking photographs of the interior and exterior of your property for printed brochures and online listings. If you need any tips on how to get your home looking the best, ask our knowledgable team.

Accept an offer

A good property marketing campaign will yield a number of viewings and hopefully multiple offers. Queensgate will help you decide who qualifies as the most reliable buyer, taking into account the buyers’ circumstances and ability to proceed. An agent is obliged to confirm all offers in writing to the seller and once an offer has been accepted, a ‘memorandum of sale’ is issued to both the seller and buyer.

Instruct a solicitor

The sale of a property is a legal transaction so you will need to appoint a conveyancing solicitor to handle matters such as searches, deeds, stamp duty and the transfer of funds (both deposit and the mortgage). Many solicitors now offer a fixed fee to sellers, which can help you budget.

Your onwards move

If you are selling in order to buy another property, now is the time to seriously start conducting your own viewings and make offers. A mortgage offer in principle together with your own property sale underway will put you in a strong purchasing position.

queensgate residential guide to selling


All searches must be satisfactory, questions answered and contracts signed by the seller and buyer before exchange can happen. Only then does the physical exchange of contracts occur, co-ordinated by both solicitors involved. At this stage, your buyer pays their deposit and is bound to the sale.

Completion & moving out

The solicitors involved in the transaction will agree a completion date - which is when your buyers’ mortgage funds are released to pay for your property. Completion almost always coincides with the moving day, although the two events can happen days or weeks apart, if agreed. You will be required to drop all keys off at your estate agent once the buyers’ mortgage funds have cleared, ready for the new owner to collect. Your solicitor will be able to schedule the completion of any onwards purchase to coincide with your sale’s completion, so you can move from one property to another on the same day.

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